Our dark beer is hoppier than what is usual for this kind. Also, there is no additional sweetener. You can enjoy the composition of roasted malts with a pleasant bitterness. The Czech beer terminology doesn’t have the term “black beer”, that’s why we call ours Dark – Black. Based on the color analysis our beer falls in the Schwarzbier category, which is known all around the world.

style Schwarzbier
plato 14°
alcohol 5,8 %
bitterness 35 IBU
Malt Pilsner, Munich, caramel, carapils, roasted (colored), barley
Hops SAAZ (CZ), SAAZ Special
Yeast Lager
Availability year round

The Matuška Brewery was founded on April 13th, 2009, which was an Easter Monday. The very first batch was brewed on this day and the beer was our special dark lager beer. The brewery falls in the mini-brewery category and it was founded by brewmaster Martin Matuška, who has been working in the beer industry since 1981.