Bílá perla


Together with barley malt, we also used wheat malt, sour malt and orange peel in this beer. Very gentle hoppiness was reached by the use of Perle, Amarillo, Citra and SAAZ (CZ) hops and we used our standard ale yeast. You can find fresh oranges, citruses and spices in the aroma and it tastes very smooth and refreshing. Why is it New Broumy style? Because it is not exactly a classic Wheat Ale, nor New England nor Witbier. It is simply out of style and that’s why New Broumy. Our whole team contributed to the recipe. Jan Najbrt came with the idea to make a wheat ale, Adam Matuška threw in the sour malt and the orange peel, Dominik Stára fine tuned the bitterness and the ratios of the malts, Michal Veselý came up with the name and the rest of the team makes sure the beer gets to you in the best quality possible.

style NB (New Broumy)
plato 11°
alcohol 4,2 %
bitterness 20 IBU
Malt Pilsner, sour, wheat, carapils, barley
Hops Amarillo, Perle, Citra, Galaxy
Yeast Ale
Availability often, mainly summer
Extra ingredient orange peel

The Matuška Brewery was founded on April 13th, 2009, which was an Easter Monday. The very first batch was brewed on this day and the beer was our special dark lager beer. The brewery falls in the mini-brewery category and it was founded by brewmaster Martin Matuška, who has been working in the beer industry since 1981.