This kind of beer is supposed to be served in a thin-glass tall cup, which is specially made for it. It’s the best way to enjoy a weizen beer, for which a yeast haze is typical. This kind of beer is experiencing a renaissance, both in Czech and the rest of the world. It is one of the oldest kinds of beer, with first mentions occurring in the medieval times.

style Weizen
plato 13°
alcohol 5,5 %
bitterness 18 IBU
Malt Pilsner, wheat, barley
Hops SAAZ (CZ), Premiant
Yeast Ale
Availability occasionally, mainly summer

The Matuška Brewery was founded on April 13th, 2009, which was an Easter Monday. The very first batch was brewed on this day and the beer was our special dark lager beer. The brewery falls in the mini-brewery category and it was founded by brewmaster Martin Matuška, who has been working in the beer industry since 1981.